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Rapid decline in Indian student numbers in Australia news
28 October 2011

Melbourne: Malaysia has replaced India as the second largest source of students in the field of higher education in Australia, even as the number of international students coming to this country continues to fall. With the fall in numbers, the losses suffered by Australia's international education sector have ballooned to $2 billion over the last one year.

While China continues to be the top source country (40 per cent), Malaysia is now on the number two position with a distant 7.5 per cent. Numbers from India in both higher education and vocational training segments continue to fall, according to the September month figures made available by Australian Education International.

Just a year back, while China was responsible for 27 per cent of international students enrolling in Australian university for higher education courses, the Indian share was 15 per cent.

The overall fall in international students' numbers coming to Australia, as compared to the same period last year, is 9.4 per cent.

While news reports about the attacks on Indian students Down Under have contributed to the fall in enrolments, the so-called integrity measures adopted by the Australian immigration authorities have also led to students being refused visas to study in Australian universities and other higher education institutes.

The worst casualty from the fall in Indian enrolments have been the Australian vocational training institutes as most of the students coming from India would enroll in 'Trade' courses like cookery, hairdressing, automotive engineering, etc.

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Rapid decline in Indian student numbers in Australia