PM again harps on boosting internal security, intelligence output news
10 September 2011

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today told state chief ministers and political leaders that Wednesday's lethal bomb blast outside the Delhi High Court should serve to remind everyone that the country urgently needs to boost its intelligence gathering abilities.

Addressing a meeting of the National Integration Council in New Delhi, he said, "The terrorist attack in Delhi is a stark reminder to us that there can be no let up in our vigilance. We must strengthen our investigative agencies and upgrade our intelligence gathering apparatus."

The prime minister added that "everyone" must send out an unequivocal message that pursuit of violence cannot be justified under any circumstances, and resolve to fight terrorism in all its forms with all "available means".

This is the first meeting of the NIC (chaired by the prime minister) in almost three years. The committee last met on 13 October 2008.

According to an official spokesman, the agenda for today's NIC meeting included "measures to curb communalism and communal violence and approach to the communal violence bill".

The Congress-led UPA government at the centre, already beleaguered by scams and nationwide anti-corruption movements, is under further severe fire for continually failing to prevent terrorist attacks.

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PM again harps on boosting internal security, intelligence output