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RIM allows US authorities to tap its services news
05 August 2010

Boston: Cellphone giant, Research in Motion, manufacturer of the ubiquitous BlackBerry brand of phones apparently has different rules for different countries as far as tapping of its messaging service is concerned as it now stands revealed that US authorities can tap its messaging service if they should choose to do so.

RIM has so far been denying a number of countries access to its messaging service on various grounds, including a plea that it cannot access the codes of its customers phones. (See: BlackBerry reassures users of continued integrity)

RIM is unique in that it is the only smartphone maker which manages its own messages traffic unlike others such as Apple, Nokia, HTC and Motorola Corp, which leave the work of managing data to the wireless carrier or the customer. RIM's proprietary code assures its clientele complete security from any form of access.

RIM controls its own networks, which handle encrypted messages through server centres in Canada and Britain.

Very high encryption levels of BlackBerry devices have now become a sore point with national security agencies around the world given their inability to access them.  Access apart there is also an issue about the storage of data beyond a country's own borders for RIM stores its data on servers in Canada and Britain.

The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have already moved to ban Blackberry services after trying hard to get RIM to conform to laws of their land regarding such services.

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RIM allows US authorities to tap its services