MindTree launches automatic traffic counting and classification system

Information technology and product engineering services company MindTree Limited today announced the launch of an automatic traffic counting and classification (ATCC) system capable of conducting round-the-clock traffic pattern study for single/intermediate/two lane roads.

MindTree's ATCC system is designed to address the key challenges faced in deployment of traditional sensor-based counting and classification systems like portability, accuracy and availability of evidence for audit.

ATCC is a video-based solution that provides high accuracy in real time vehicle counting and classification, operating on a 24 x 7 basis.

MindTree said the ATCC system was capable of classifying up to nine different categories of vehicle.

The system captures an image snapshot for every vehicle that is counted and classified, ensuring the integrity of data and reports. The data collected is also tamper proof, ensuring that the reports cannot be deleted, modified or altered by any user.

"MindTree's ATCC system highlights our capability to develop innovative, video-based applications for specific industries" said Vinod Deshmukh, president, technology and products, product engineering services, MindTree.