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ARINC Direct offers corporate jet operators new global risk intelligence servicenews
26 May 2007
Annapolis, Maryland: ARINC Direct, a world leader in transportation communications and systems engineering, has announced that it has integrated a global destination intelligence service into its portfolio of flight services for business jet operators. It said that the service, which is available immediately, would be provided through iJET Intelligent Risk Systems, a leading provider of risk management solutions and crisis response services to major corporations worldwide.

"Corporations and individuals today need to be aware of conditions around the world in order to mitigate the risks of international travel," stated Bob Richard, senior director, ARINC Direct. "The natural time to obtain the latest and best destination intelligence is in the beginning stages of preparing and filing a flight plan."

Customers using the ARINC Direct flight planning service will now have real-time access to iJET's global intelligence database, which will provide them pertinent information on current risks and situations in their destination city or country.

The nature of the information ranges from weather conditions and political climate to terrorist threats and vaccination requirements. The integrated service is provided to ARINC Direct subscribers at no additional cost.

"iJET's Global Intelligence Services (GIS) are designed for decision-making, providing continuously updated, concise and actionable intelligence to those who require visibility into global threats and disruptions," said Richard Melody, iJET vice president of operations.

Providing intelligence across ten threat categories, ranging from security and health to financial and communications, GIS provides analysis of operational threats and in-depth information for more than 180 countries and 200 cities around the world.

The intelligence databases are accessible online through ARINC Direct, and its reports and real-time alerts are pushed directly to the e-mail addresses, cell phones, or PDAs of corporate users and personnel who may be impacted by a given threat or situation.

iJET Intelligent Risk Systems is a leader in operational risk management, helping multinational corporations and government organizations monitor, protect against and respond to global threats.

Integrating world-class open source intelligence with patented technology, iJET's award-winning Worldcue solutions provides a unified view of threats to assets and helps clients monitor and assess global threats relative to their key people, facilities and supply chain assets; automatically track and communicate with travelers and expatriates; and deploy emergency response services throughout the world at a moment's notice.

ARINC Incorporated is the world leader in transportation communications and systems engineering and develops and operates communications and information processing systems and provides systems engineering and integration solutions to five key industries: airports, aviation, defense, government, and surface transportation.

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ARINC Direct offers corporate jet operators new global risk intelligence service