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Israel announces successful test of Arrow anti-missile systemnews
28 March 2007

Tel Aviv: Israeli Defence Forces have carried out another successful test of the Hetz (Arrow) anti-missile system, on the back of a computer simulation carried out last week, its defense ministry said in a statement March 26.

"The test succeeded perfectly, the data will be the object of careful analysis by engineers," it said. "This marks an important new step in developing our technological capabilities in the face of a ballistic missile threat."

According to the statement, the tests are meant to counter the threat of long-range missiles that adversary Iran has been adding to its inventory. Iran has carried out several tests of long-range missiles in recent years.

Previous Hetz tests have been designed to simulate the interception of Iran's Shahab-3, which can target Israel. Israeli defense officials said that the testing of the Hetz system was intended as a message to Iran.

"Last night's test is the answer to the advanced ballistic missiles that Iran develops or buys," deputy defence minister Efraim Sneh said in February after a successful test.

"In the race between Israel and Iran, Israel is ahead at this stage," he added.

Israel and the US conducted a joint computer-based exercise last week, simulating a non-conventional missile strike, which included another testing of the Hetz system.

The Hetz project was launched in 1988, an offshoot of US 'Star Wars' initiative, which was officially abandoned by the US in 1993.

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Israel announces successful test of Arrow anti-missile system