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Hypersonic cruise missile is the logical next step: Dr Pillai news
24 February 2007

Coimbatore: Warning that if any country succeeded in coming out with a product that managed to compete with the Brahmos, Dr A Shivathanu Pillai, managing director, Bhramos Aerospace said that this would lead to a fall in the strategic value of the supersonic missile jointly-developed with Russia. Keeping this in mind, it was critical that India produced a highly innovative product, such as a hypersonic missile, in the next five years or so, he said.

Speaking to reporters here, Dr Pillai said that with many countries 'expected join the race and compete with the Brahmos supersonic missile, India definitely has to go in for newer and innovative technology - (such as) the hypersonic missile.'

'As such the Brahmos missile, a joint venture of India and Russia, is the best available in the market and other countries are trying to come out with better products', Pillai told reporters here.

According to Pillai, a joint team from India and Russia was formed when Russian President, Vladimir Putin, visited India last month. The team discussed various concepts regarding developing the new technology, Pillai said.

As for an interceptor missile, Pillai, who is also wears a second cap as chief controller, R&D, DRDO, said 'the country had already experimented on known conditions. Further experiment has to be undertaken under unknown conditions, which would take some more years'.

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Hypersonic cruise missile is the logical next step: Dr Pillai