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UAE armed forces opt for the EADS A330 MRTT air tankernews
23 February 2007

Abu Dhabi: The UAE armed forces GHQ have announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with EADS CASA for the procurement of the A330 MRTT as the new air-to-air refuelling aircraft for its UAE Air Force. The announcement was made at the IDEX 2007 Defence Exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

A330 MRTT EADS says that following the contract signed with the Royal Australian Air Force, and also, after being selected as the preferred bidder for the United Kingdom's Future Stategic Tanker Aircraft (FSTA) programme, the decision by the UAE authorities further consolidates A330 MRTT's position as the most advanced, and capable, air-to-air refueling aircraft available in the market.

According to EADS, the expected UAE order will be for three A330 MRTT aircraft, which will be equipped with under-wing pods as well as EADS' Advanced Refuelling Boom System.

The aircraft will be due for delivery from 2011 onwards.

According to Francisco Fernández Sáinz, chairman of EADS CASA, the selection by the UAE authorities further consolidates the A330 MRTT as a benchmark for state-of-the art air refueling systems and tanker aircraft.

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UAE armed forces opt for the EADS A330 MRTT air tanker