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A2Tech to develop mini-cargo UAV for payload testing news
22 February 2007

Peschiera, Italy: A2Tech (Advanced Aviation Technology) have announced that they have begun development of the RV-160TD, an inexpensive mini-cargo UAV, designed for use as a flying test-bed for various payload systems.

The RV-160TD technology demonstrator will enable wide-area experiments that will allow civil and military forces to enhance their understanding about the potential use of mini-UAVs, and also, to test a variety of payload, communication and flight control systems.

The RV-160TD will have a carbon-composite skeleton; an interchangeable carbon-Kevlar skin, a three-meter wingspan, twin wing-mounted electro, gasoline or turbine engines and would be capable of carrying payloads between 5-10kg.

Flight duration will depend on the selection of engines. The RV will also have the facility to mount external wing-mounted fuel tanks, as well as different payload pods. The UAVs nose will be interchangeable, as per differing customer requirements. It will also boast of a five-wheel retractable hydraulic landing gear, designed to absorb shocks during take-offs and landings.

The RV-160 can be flown manually or autonomously and will feature a command and control protocol in its avionic suite, a pilot camera suite and a remote video terminal. It will be handled through a ground control station and will have an operating range of 10 km.

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A2Tech to develop mini-cargo UAV for payload testing