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NAL, Mahindra Plexion to jointly develop four-seater planenews
09 February 2007

Bangalore: The National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) and Mahindra Plexion will jointly develop a four-to-five seater general aircraft. The two parties have agreed to work together on the basis of equal work share and equal financial contribution to produce and support the aircraft in India and abroad.

Designed to normal category as per FAR-23 IFR standards, the aircraft will have a multi-role capability including training, air taxi, medical evacuation, etc. It will fly at a maximum speed of 280 km per hour and will have a maximum range of about 700 nautical miles. It is proposed that both Indian certification by the DGCA and international certification will be obtained simultaneously by NAL and Mahindra Plexion. The first major milestone of a preliminary design review will be completed by the end of February 2007.

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NAL, Mahindra Plexion to jointly develop four-seater plane