New study finds 76% of world's population 'overfat'

06 January 2017

A new study by researchers in New Zealand has revealed that a whopping 76 per cent of the world's population could be 'overfat,' IANS reported.

Researchers at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, outlined the concept of overfat, a condition of having sufficient excess body fat to impair health. This effectively constituted a figure as high as 5.5 billion people, making every 3 in 4 people obese.

On the basis of a review of current data, they say, in addition to those who were overweight and obese, others falling into the overfat category included normal-weight people.

''The overfat pandemic has not spared those who exercise or even compete in sports,'' said lead author of the study Philip Maffetone, CEO of MAFF Fitness Pty Ltd in Australia, reported.

''The overfat category includes normal-weight people with increased risk factors for chronic diseases, such as high abdominal fat, and those with characteristics of a condition called normal-weight metabolic obesity,'' said Maffetone.

While the obesity epidemic had grown over the last three to four decades, this work cast light on the much higher numbers of people who might have unhealthy levels of body fat.

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