Proper diet important for brain health: Nutritionists

09 January 2016

Nutritionists stress the importance of proper diet saying plays a significant role in enhancing and protecting the brain, from several conditions including Alzheimer's disease, Xinhua news reported.

According to nutritionists, the brain deserved to be proper diet like the way the heart is protected.

Xinhua reported Jennifer McDaniel registered dietitian nutritionist as saying in Beijing yesterday, that blueberries, a super food rich in antioxidants, often came as the priority choice for nutritionists to make a suggestion.

''They can help reduce oxidative stress on the brain, adding that it is ideal and healthier to eat strawberries and blueberries at least twice a week.

According to McDaniel, nuts and whole grains were also universally recognised by nutritionists, as the foods that help fuel the brain.

''Nuts are recommended at least five times a week and whole grains three servings per week.

McDaniel added that unsweetened cocoa had been especially proposed, as it had been shown to increase activity in the brain related to memory.

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