Study warns of presence of multi-drug resistant bacteria in kitchen

11 April 2014

Hands of those who prepare food and chopping boards could be sources of transmission of multi-drug resistant bacteria such as E coli

IANS reported quoting Andreas Widmer from University Hospital in Basel, Switzerland, the spread of multi-drug resistant bacteria had been associated with hospital setting, but new findings suggested that transmission of drug-resistant E coli occurred both in hospitals and kitchens, the report added.

The findings pointed to the importance of hand hygiene, not only after handling raw poultry, but also after contact with cutting boards used in poultry preparation, he added.

The researchers reached the conclusion after examination of 298 cutting boards (154 from University Hospital and 144 from private households) after preparation of various meats - poultry, beef, veal, pork, lamb, game and fish - and before being cleaned.

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