Uganda upset as 'nodding syndrome' toll hits 100 news
11 January 2012

The Ugandan people and government are getting increasingly worried about the mysterious 'nodding disease' or 'nodding syndrome' that has killed over 100 people and left over 2,000 others infected in five districts of northern Uganda over the past year or more.

On its part, the government said scientists are set to launch a series of investigations after previous ones failed to identify the cause of the disease, which was first reported in September.

Richard Nduhura, minister of state for health in charge of general duties, said that the two previous samples and tests carried out by the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, US failed to identify the cause of the disease.

Nduhura, who is leading a fact-finding mission in the affected areas which are also recovering from two decades of insurgency, said on Friday that a team of scientists from the ministry of health, the World Health Organization and CDC is going to carry out new tests.

''We are going to handle and give this matter (disease) the attention it deserves. We are going to work with you (residents) to find out the cause and solution to this problem,'' he said.

The disease only attacks children, typically between the ages of five and 15.

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Uganda upset as 'nodding syndrome' toll hits 100