New sugar compound helps prevent cardiac failure! news
06 December 2011

Too much of sugar may be creating health problems for many, but a new type of sugar developed by a team of researchers in Australia seems to be what is needed to keep a human heart healthy, according to new research on cardiac failure.

Scientists at the University of Melbourne has come up with a new type of the sweetener, which can prevent cardiac failure, published reports show.

A team of researchers that included Corin Storkey, scientist at the Heart Research Institute, has found that a spoonful of the new sugar, developed by an international team, is enough to keep a normal heart healthy,

Storkey made the discovery while working for his PhD under Carl Schiesser, a professor at the Bio21 Institute at the University of Melbourne.

The new sugar, a combination of sugar and selenium, helps to prevent reactive acids from damaging the heart, the Chemical Communications journal reported.

''Our seleno-sugar compounds work by scavenging hypohalous acids, a group of highly reactive chemicals that can damage tissues when produced in the wrong place, at the wrong time or at excessive levels.''

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New sugar compound helps prevent cardiac failure!