Dawood's nephew Sohail held in US for narco-terrorism

While underworld don Dawood Ibrahim continues to live in hiding, his nephew Sohail Kaskar has been arrested by the US authorities for narco-terrorism.

According to a Times of India report, Sohail Kaskar, 36, has been arrested for conspiring to commit narco-terrorism, provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization and unlawfully sell missile launching systems.

Sohail has been linked with Colombia's FARC terrorist group.

As per the report, Sohail and two Pakistani nationals were arrested by the US's Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in December 2015 after extradition from Spain, but Dawood's henchmen used all their might and money power to suppress the news to save Dawood's "international image" from getting tarnished.

Sohail, alias Ali Danish, is Dawood's deceased younger brother Noora's older son.

The report also quoted sources as saying that Dawood has engaged a top lawyer for Sohail, who, if convicted, faces a maximum sentence of life in jail and a mandatory minimum term of 25 years in prison.

The lawyer, Tom Keniff, is representing him in the Manhattan federal court, which charged him in December 2015 for supplying surface to-air missiles to FARC and for bringing drugs, mainly heroin, into the US from Pakistan.