Nasdaq launches market intelligence desk

New York: The Nasdaq Stock Market ( has unveiled the market intelligence desk, a new service that redefines Nasdaq's corporate client service by providing listed companies with a centralised point-of-contact for detailed information regarding their stocks' trading activity, news coverage, analyst upgrades and downgrades and chat room activity.

Initially tracking approximately 100 Nasdaq-listed companies, the desk will be rolled out to all Nasdaq-listed companies over the next several months. The desk consolidates real-time data from more than 100 data sources, including Nasdaq trading systems and vendors.

It is designed to help executives at Nasdaq-listed companies enhance their competitive positioning by ensuring they stay abreast of issues impacting their stock, company and industry through inbound and outbound communications.

“The launch of the desk redefines our corporate client service by providing C-level executives with an unparalleled capability to stay abreast of important developments as they happen,“ says Nasdaq Stock Market vice-chairman and executive vice-president David Weild IV.

“We believe easy access to real-time information is essential to our CEOs and ultimately supports them in creating shareholder value. For example, a Nasdaq-listed CEO sees that his or her stock is trading up sharply, but doesn't know why. One quick call to the desk will bring them the answer,“ he says.

Through this new initiative, Nasdaq's capital markets experts will also alert listed companies to major news coverage, chat room activity, changes in analyst ratings and other factors influencing their stock or companies of special interest to the CEO.

Each Nasdaq company will have its own unique toll-free number to use for contacting its dedicated desk expert Monday through Friday from 7.30 am to 8 pm EST. Over 50 fully-integrated functions are triggered to automatically populate the desktop of the appropriate desk expert when a Nasdaq-listed company calls its dedicated toll-free line.

“The desk was developed in response to and in consultation with executives of Nasdaq-listed companies and since it is owned and operated by Nasdaq, its end goal is not commission-driven,“ says Weild. “We believe no other market in the world is providing this type of un-biased, in-depth service to its listed companies.“

The desk will also fulfil an ongoing research and development function for the creation of new services for Nasdaq-listed companies. Insights gleaned from Nasdaq-listed company usage of the desk will form the basis for a continuous flow of applications and functionality designed to meet the needs of C-level executives.