Nasdaq welcomes Womens Senate Network

New York: The Nasdaq Stock Market ( has welcomed the Women's Senate Network (WSN) to close the market at the Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square. Nasdaq chairman and CEO Wick Simmons will be joined by senators Debbie Stabenow, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Mary L Landrieu, Barbara A Mikulski and Patty Murray, who are in New York for their WSN organised day-long event, 'Conversations on Public Policy.'

Says Simmons: “We are proud to host such a distinguished group of senators who are dedicated to addressing the most critical issues facing our country and our citizens. It is fitting that they are here at Nasdaq as we share in their vision for economic growth, development and prosperity in the US and worldwide.“

About the Women's Senate Network
WSN was established in 2001 in response to the overwhelming success of Democratic women candidates in the 2000 election cycle. With the victory of each of the three female Democratic candidates, Debbie Stabenow, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Maria Cantwell for the senate and the appointment of Jean Carnahan to the Senate, the Democratic Caucus of the US senate now includes a record 10 women.

Based on the success of last cycle's 'Women on the Road' events, the DSCC created the Women's Senate network and expanded its commitment to recruit increasing numbers of women in its campaign to strengthen the majority of the US senate.

WSN is a base of support for female Democratic senate candidates by providing them the funding they need to wage effective and winning campaigns.