'Languages are not all common through the world, gestures and smiles work just as well'
Anjaly Thomas is a Lonely Planet writer, and also does travel writing for newspapers and magazines. In this interview, she talks to Swetha Amit about her backpacking experiences across the globe and her novel 'Almost Intrepid'
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The grand Ganpati show
Mumbai is known for the joyous communal celebration of the Ganpati festival, when the nooks and corners of the city are lit up and crowds stream from idol to idol unable to decide which one is the best. Swetha Amit gives readers the low-down on the festival
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Angkor Wat: the city of sleeping gods
A glimpse into the mystery and magic of the magnificent Angkor Wat temples that have withstood the vagaries of time, nature and humans, through Ashish Thakur’s eyes
“The combination of diving and photography take me to states of one-pointed concentration”
Digant Desai was the owner of Sterling Tours and Travels India, before he went on to pursue his passion for photography, starting with wildlife photography. He won a few awards, post which he took a brief break due to domestic commitments. He later revived his passion, this time venturing into the mysterious world of the ocean, and has been in this profession for over 7 years now. Mr Desai talks about diving, underwater photography and his future plans to Swetha Amit.
Summer interiors
Dress up your home with colourful accessories and paints to match the summer colours outside and brighten your interiors and your mood, says Supriya Sanzagiri