India's poultry industry to grow to Rs60,000-crore by 2010

The poultry industry in India is expected to grow from an estimated Rs30,000 crore to over Rs60,000 crore by 2010, minister of food processing industries Subodh Kant Sahai said.

Inaugurating a national conference on meat and poultry processing industries in New Delhi, the minister said Indian poultry industry has been growing at rates varying from an annual 8 per cent to 15 per cent. India today is the fifth largest producer of eggs and the ninth largest producer of poultry broiler globally, he added.

The three-day conference will hold discussions on untapped potential, technology of value addition for meat food products.

Sahai underlined the need for modernised food industry to enhance the quality of meat and poultry products in the country. Towards this, he said, the government has launched a comprehensive scheme for modernisation of abattoirs across the country. Expressing concern over the mere two per cent contribution of India in global meat production, he said the industry should take particular care to avoid contamination and deterioration of meat and its products. The government has allowed 100 per cent FDI in the sector to tap the opportunities available in the section, he added.

Sahai said the ministry of food processing industries is also providing incentives to encourage research and development in food processing for product and process development and improved packaging.

Addressing delegates to the conference, Ashok Sinha, secretary, ministry of food processing industries, pointed to the need to frame a strategy for the development of meat and poultry production in the country, which would bring prosperity to millions in rural India and create employment opportunities.

"Having achieved the Green Revolution, the White Revolution and the Blue Revolution, the Pink Revolution should not be far behind," he said.