First Java 'developer challenge' announced for the gaming industry

Mumbai: Sun Microsystems India Pvt. Ltd. and Paradox Studios Ltd, a wholly-owned ubsidiary of Reliance Infocomm, has announced the initiation of 'Java Game Developers Challenge,' the first ever wireless game developers contest in the country.

The event, which aims to promote the adoption of J2ME amongst the gaming developer community, is an extension to Sun's partnership with Paradox Studios, India's premier game development company. The competitors will have to develop a fully functional game code for Nokia Series 60 phones, within two months

The event is scheduled to be launched on April 4, 2005, across India. Participants will be required to develop a J2ME-based game application. According to a press release, Paradox Studios has announced a top prize of Rs1.5 lakh, along with a Java library; a second prize of Rs75, 000 and a third prize of Rs50,000 with a selection from the Java library for both and a range of consolation prizes up to a value of Rs1 lakh will.

The winners also have a chance of heir entry being commercialised, with the developers being offered a placement at Paradox Studios. The competition, says the release, "will challenge the developer community to create the best Java games, by putting their skills and creativity to test."

" There will be a number of talents and applications which may be of interest to telcos, device makers and others," says K P Unnikrishnan, marketing director, Sun Microsystems India Pvt. Ltd.

Adds Salil Bhargava, CMO, Paradox Studios, "This is one area where young people can plant the seeds of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation and have fun doing so."