Frankfurt man's car found 20 years after he forgot where it was parked

It may not be uncommon for people to forget where they parked their car - but in a bizarre incident, a man has finally found his car after forgetting where he parked it 20 years ago.

The unnamed 76-year-old 'Rip Van Winkle' reported his motor missing to cops in Frankfurt, Germany in 1997. It was finally found in a garage of a building earmarked for demolition.

The only reason it was found was reportedly because it was holding up the workmen waiting to demolish the building down. The company was forced to find out who the car belonged to - and the man received a call telling him his long-lost ride had been located.

When the 76-year-old owner was found, he was driven by police and accompanied by his daughter to be reunited with the car, according to local media. The incident has of course also made it big on YouTube.

The car was in disrepair, and could not be driven. The owner has chosen not to keep the vehicle, which no longer works. According to Frankfurt authorities it will be sent to the scrap heap.

Last year, a British man was involved in a similar incident last year when he forgot where he parked his car in Manchester - only to have it returned by cops after six months. But it was nowhere near the 20 years of the Frankfurt incident, which has to be some kind of a record.