First self-driving cars in UK to be unmarked

The first Volvo self-driving cars to be introduced into the UK will be unmarked to prevent other drivers slamming their brakes or driving erratically to see how they reacted,

The Observer reported citing, Erik Coelingh, senior technical leader at Volvo.

He told the paper, "From the outside you won't see that it's a self-driving car. From a purely scientific perspective it would be interesting to have some cars that are marked as self-driving cars and some that are not and see whether other road users reacted in a different way."

He explained that self-driving cars would be unmarked to make sure they were not bullied by other road users. He told The Observer , "I'm pretty sure that people will challenge them if they are marked by doing really harsh braking in front of a self-driving car or putting themselves in the way."