Suzuki admits using improper fuel-economy testing

After Mitsubishi Motors Corp, another Japanese carmaker Suzuki Motor Corp has admitted that it had used improper fuel economy testing methods, as the mileage cheating scandal engulfs more automakers in Japan.

The revelation comes after Mitsubishi, Japan's sixth-biggest automaker, last month said that it used fuel economy testing methods that did not comply with Japanese regulations for 25 years.

Last week, Mitsubishi revealed that its cheating on gas mileage ratings extends to more models than previously revealed (See: Mitsubishi admits to manipulating fuel consumption figures). Suzuki shares fell by 15 per cent Wednesday to 2,450 yen ($22.40) in afternoon trading as investors pressed the sell button on the car maker.

Kyodo News agency said that Suzuki was using a fuel-economy testing method that was different from one required by government regulators.

The company has to make a report on its testing methods at the transport ministry and Suzuki chairman Osamu Suzuki will report to the ministry.

The Japanese transport ministry ordered all the country's automakers to check their compliance with government testing methods after Mitsubishi admitted it manipulated data to make its cars more fuel efficient than their local rivals.