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Chandrayaan-I data to boost research for second moon shot news
05 September 2009

Chennai: ISRO scientists say they will carry out research for the Chandrayaan-2 project from data and photographs collected by the Chandrayaan-1. The lunar orbiter's mission was recently brought to a close after loss of communication with the controlling centre at Byalalu, Bangalore.

"We have received about 70,000 photographs and data from Chandrayaan-1. Based on these data, further research is being carried out for the Chandrayaan-2 project, which is expected to be completed by 2012", Chandrayaan-1 mission project director, M Annadurai told reporters here.

He emphasised that the Chandrayaan-1 mission had provided quality data over the last ten months ever since its launch on 22 October.

"These data would be useful for further research", he said.

Annadurai was speaking on the sidelines of an award function organised by Centenarian Trust.

India's lunar mission was brought to a close on 29 August. ISRO has maintained that 95 per cent of the scientific objectives of Chandrayaan-I were already met in these ten months.

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Chandrayaan-I data to boost research for second moon shot