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ISRO has a busy quarter ahead news
17 January 2011

Thiruvananthapuram: ISRO has a busy schedule ahead of it this quarter with three major missions planned, including launch of an advanced remote sensing satellite, the Resourcesat-2.

PSLV. Image: ISROThe organisation has also pinpointed the cause of the recent failure of the prestigious Geo-Stationary Launch Vehicle (GSLV) and is now engaged in detailed evaluation and studies.

"The coming three months are going to be eventful with three major milestones to be achieved," ISRO chairman K Radhakrishnan told an international conference here.

"We have three major missions slated to be done in coming February, March and April. Among them Resourcesat-2 is meant to replace Resourcesat-1, launched in 2003, to provide data connectivity," he said.

He also informed the audience that the home-grown PSLV-C16 launch vehicle had been assembled at the Sriharikota spaceport and two satellites, Resourcesat-2 and Youthsat, with advanced optical payloads, were being readied for shipment prior to launch.

'Youthsat', a participatory scientific mission with payloads from Russia and India and X-sat, Singapore's first indigenous satellite, will be launched on board the ISRO workhorse, the PSLV C-16, he said.

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ISRO has a busy quarter ahead