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ISRO receives clearance for GSAT-11 communication satellite news
24 July 2009

New Delhi: The Union Cabinet today approved design and development of GSAT-11, an advanced communication satellite, at a total cost of Rs500 crore. The GSAT-11 will be a high capacity, multi-beam, Ku/Ka-band satellite.

GSAT-2: ISROThe launch of GSAT-11 will considerably augment Ku-band capacity for telecommunication services in the country. With 16 beams in Ku-band and frequency reuse factor of 4, it can provide 10 GHz effective bandwidth equivalent to about 220 transponders of 36 MHz.

GSAT-11 employs a new 1-4K Bus.

This craft is configured with two sided, large solar array panels generating around 11 KW of DC power. The craft structure is designed for a lift-off mass of about 4,500kg with a dry mass of 2100kg.

It is expected that the GSAT-11 will be made ready within 30 months and provide telecom links with small Ku-band terminals operating all over India.

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ISRO receives clearance for GSAT-11 communication satellite