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Oxford Metrics software to allow UAVs to 'see' like human pilots news
14 June 2008

Oxford Metrics Group, a UK-headquartered technology group providing image understanding products for the entertainment, defence, life science and engineering industries, said it's US subsidiary, 2d3 AIG, has signed a contract with Northrop Grumman to provide software that allows an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to 'see' like a human pilot.

OMG said the contract covers a six-month pilot project, valued at $100,000, that aims to evaluate 2d3's algorithms for use in detecting and tracking other flying vehicles from an airborne camera.

According to OMG, upon completion it expects the evaluation contract to prove 2d3's algorithms as a critical component in allowing an UAV to sense, and avoid, other aircraft using 2d3 proprietary technology.

The company said successful results will put 2d3 at the forefront of ''Sense and Avoid'' technology, paving the way for UAVs to safely operate in US and UK national airspace alongside regular air traffic. This, it said, opens up potentially new markets for unmanned commercial aviation.

OMG serves expanding global markets in science, medicine, sport, engineering, gaming, film and broadcast. Its clients include major hospitals and research facilities such as Guy's Hospital, Nuffield Orthopaedic and Loughborough University, engineering industry leaders including Ford Motor Company, BMW, Airbus, Caterpillar, and Toyota, and in the entertainment sector, Sony, Industrial Light and Magic, The Moving Picture Company (MPC), Sega, Nintendo, UbiSoft, EA, Square Enix and many others.
OMG Plc is listed on AIM on the London Stock Exchange.

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Oxford Metrics software to allow UAVs to 'see' like human pilots