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Solar Impulse project team reveals plane for global flight

10 April 2014

The team behind the Solar Impulse project - a mission for a solar powered round the world flight has revealed the plane in which the pilots would undertake the attempt, BBC reports.

Solar Impulse project team reveals plane for global flight

The team's predecessor, Solar Impulse 1, had already been flown across America in June 2013, and stored enough power in its batteries for carrying out an all night flight, the report said (See: Solar powered plane lands in Washington in journey across US).

With its 72 metres wingspan, Solar Impulse 2 is the width of a Boeing 747, but weighs about the same as a large car.

Its wings are covered with 18,000 solar cells that convert sunlight into electricity to for powering its motor and storage in batteries.

The attempt would be made by the Switzerland-based team next year.

The Solar Impulse 2 would begin test flights next month as it prepares for a planned around-the-world trip next year.

The fact that the aircraft does away with heavy fuel tanks, makes for its light weight.

According to pilot Andre Borschberg, he expected to take five days and five nights to travel around the world. He added however, that Solar Impulse 2 could stay in the air indefinitely, Voice of America reported

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