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24 March 2012

The French company said it was completing its industrial process and unveiled its technological choices regarding materials to be used in its forthcoming amphibious skiplane Akoya, which in flight tests was able to ift-off at low speed of 25km/h / 13 knots.

The Akoya is a two-seater amphibious airplane with a unique design and a wealth of features. From ground, water or snow, it can travel at least 1600 km (1000 miles) thanks to its low fuel consumption of 36MPG and can reach speeds of 250km/h (135kts).

It can land on a less-than 200-meter field (650-feet) and fold its wings to be parked in a garage. The aircraft allows landing on multiple surfaces, using its multi-access technology - a unique combination of two hydrofoils, a retractable landing gear equipped with skis and folding wings.
The manufacturer claims intensive taxiing tests on the lake proved the stability of the seafoils and manoeuvreability of the Akoya at low speed.

Flying every week, the first production Akoya allows the validation of most of the announced performance," explains Jean-François Clavreul, research and development manager.

"The Akoya flows easily upon contact with water at a speed up to 90km/h (49 knots), widening even more Akoya's capabilities. We've broken the seaplane rules but the result of our work is now acknowledged by the most renowned aviation experts."

Clavreul says the aicraft completed stall tests with several weight and balance configurations and different flap positions in which the aircraft showed a safe behaviour.

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