All air travel markets show growth except India: IATA

India is the only country where domestic air travel showed a downturn in June. All other markets showed an upturn in air travel over the same month last year, according to figures released by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

June was the second month in a row when domestic air travel fell in India after seven years of almost uninterrupted double digit growth, the IATA said, showing clearly that the growth story in Indian aviation has turned sour.

All markets, except India, showed an expansion in demand in June (for domestic air travel) compared to the previous year,'' IATA said.

However, "Economic slowdowns in various countries are keeping the growth trend soft throughout 2012. The first six months of 2012 have seen overall domestic air travel growth trend slow to a 2 per cent annualised rate, after more than 6 per cent annualised growth over the second half of2011," the IATA report said.

"Japan's domestic market continues to look flat. Brazil recorded domestic demand growth of13.8 per cent. Chinese domestic air travel grew 7.8 per cent. US domestic demand was up 0.8 per cent compared to the previous June," the global civil aviation body said.

It added that India's domestic travel fell by 0.7 per cent in June even as capacity expanded by 4.5 per cent. The load factor was 74.2 per cent. While this was second month when traffic fell, the trend in growth continues to be flat since the start of 2012.