Now, a time-share plane!

Sky Shares, a fractional aircraft management company, will offer its Cirrus SR22 GTSx Turbo on 9 August at Centennial Airport, Denver, during the 2007 Porsche Business Aircraft and Jet Preview, for those who would like to buy a time share in a business jet!

The Sky Shares concept has been very successful in certain US states like Florida, Texas and California.

Simply put, the membership-based scheme offers part ownership of some of the best general aviation aircraft in the world. Members just reserve the plane, come to the airport, and fly.

Denver is one of the best airports to fly in and out of Colorado year-round.

Sky Shares offers 'blue carpet' service to customers who seek an affordable and uncomplicated approach to aircraft ownership and flying, without any of the headaches of full plane ownership.

That bill also gives passengers the right to leave the plane after three hours, which is not included in the New York law.