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Stephen Manallacknews
07 April 2007

Stephen Manallack is a communication consultant, professional speaker and trainer. His training programs include creating a corporate communication culture, and how managers and leaders can create engaged employees. Stephen is the author of You Can Communicate (Pearson 2002). He is a member of the committee of management of the Australia India Business Council.

>> Excesses at the top could derail the great Indian economic miracle
>> Business beyond profits
>> Indian M&As may disappoint unless teams are fused into one
>> Can Indian firms compete with McKinsey, or are cultural barriers too high?
>> Is honesty the best form of business risk management?
>> Leadership is grooming future leaders
>> Searching for leadership values via the Himalaya, Infosys and Tata
>> Morality, success and leadership
>> Creativity, branding and leadership go hand in hand
>> Indian brands must establish national advantages
>> Innovation: Lessons from the Web, Google and iPod for Indian companies
>> Does it pay to have employees actively engaged?
>> Where are India's thought leaders?
>> Do Six Sigma, TQM stifle innovation?
>> In quest of Indian management thinking
>> Large, diverse, but what is "brand India"?
>> Should Indian businesses become more western?
>> Do HR initiatives pay?
>> Engaging employees through better communications
>> The Six Sigma Primer

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Stephen Manallack