Ball now in Parliament's court, says team Anna

As crusader Anna Hazare renews his struggle from Mumbai today for a strong central corruption watchdog, team Anna members downplayed the controversy sought to be created over Hazare being pictured with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh ideologue Nanaji Dehsmukh.

The Congress has long been seeking to link Hazare with the Hindu fundamentalist organisation, and the photo of Hazare with Deshmukh is its latest salvo.

Team Anna had earlier hit back by releasing similar photographs of senior Congress politicians with RSS leader Deshmukh, including of party spokesman Digyajaya Singh, who has been among the most vocal baiters of Hazare and his team.

Singh issued a clarification saying that though he may have been photographed with Dekhmukh, ''unlike Hazare'' he never worked with the RSS.

The RSS has accused the Congress of being scared of Hazare and trying to use the Sangh Parivar to try and malign his anti-corruption movement.

Later however team Anna said that it is not interested in mud-slinging over the issue, and the real focus should be on what MPs do in Parliament from Tuesday, when they are scheduled to consider the lokpal bill.