Nasdaq chief hails markets recovery

New York: “Our country's continuing recovery from the 11 September attacks demonstrates the strength and compassion of the American people and the resiliency of our markets,“ Nasdaq Stock Market chairman and chief executive officer Wick Simmons said.

Nasdaq's market (, which opened on 11 March, began with a moment of silence in remembrance of those lost as a result of the tragic events of 11 September, and in support of those engaged in combating terrorism around the world.

“We have witnessed a remarkable recovery from the most horrific of events. Americans across this country, and especially in New York, continue to build this nation with innovation, confidence and hard work,“ Simmons said. “Nowhere are these attributes better displayed than in our financial markets. Only in America would people put their trust in our equity markets to the tune of $20 million net in January, four months after the tragedy.“

During the period following the attacks, Nasdaq and the other American stock markets, along with the SEC and the City and State of New York, worked together closely to reopen the financial markets as quickly as possible after the events of 11 September.

“Nasdaq's systems remained operative and, in cooperation with the other markets, we were able to provide technological and strategic resources to our listed companies and market participants,“ Simmons said.

“Nasdaq is extremely proud of the role our employees, market participants and listed companies play everyday in the world economy, and of their actions on 11 September and the days following,“ Simmons concluded.