London's first 'cat café' sees roaring demand

London's first cat café hopes to relieve stressed-out workers with the promise of a lunch date with a cat.

The world's first cat café opened in Taiwan in 1998, but now Londoners can enjoy coffee with furry friends.

Sitting on the fringes of London's financial district Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium gives customers the chance to cuddle and play with rescued cats in a relaxed environment, and is already in high demand amongst the capital's busy workers.

Co-owner Anna Kogan said, "The idea is that you can come and have a peaceful lunch or high tea surrounded by cats. If you're lucky they will fall asleep on your lap."

The concept has come from Japan in response to the popularity of viral cat videos online.

Incorporating the playful antics of cats and creating a place for stressed-out office workers to unwind, Lady Dinah's is the brainchild of Australian entrepreneur Lauren Pears.Together with part-owner Kogan, the idea of a cafe came to them after they adopted cats from owners who could no longer look after them.

''Yeah, it's just basically bringing the busy people of London into a place where they can cuddle a cat,'' Kogan told Reuters.

The cafe opened its doors earlier this month and is already booked out until the end of June.

Settled in between an off-license and an Indo-Chinese takeaway, the vintage decorated cafe charges £5 to enter, with a two-hour turnaround.

Kogan said due to the cafe's popularity they hope to adopt more cats if it's approved by the local council.