World Trade Organisation

G-4 trade talks stumble over farm aid

21 Jun 2007

Brazil, China, India playing crucial role

20 Jun 2007

Developing countries to hold firm at

12 Jun 2007

EU piles up anti-dumping cases as India eases import curbs, says WTO

12 Jun 2007

US farm groups oppose compromise over world trade deal

02 Jun 2007

Liquor imports to be cheaper as government cuts additional duty

31 May 2007

US to move WTO against Indian duties on wine and spirits

26 May 2007

India to work towards creating a "give and take" environment at WTO talks

24 May 2007

US working with India on agreements over Doha round: Bush

16 May 2007

Bush administration, House Democrats reach accord on trade deals

12 May 2007

India stalls EU''s WTO probe attempt on Indian liquor

12 Apr 2007

Global trade talks shift to New Delhi; US may lift ban on Indian mango

11 Apr 2007

WTO rules against US ban on online gambling

31 Mar 2007

Lamy hopeful of breakthrough on Doha round by June

13 Mar 2007

India joins move to revive WTO trade talks

03 Mar 2007

Successful conclusion of Doha Trade Round urgent: Merkel

By | 02 Mar 2007

EU official moots trade, investment pact with India ahead of WTO talks

17 Feb 2007

US mulls hauling China to WTO over intellectual piracy

16 Feb 2007

Japan considers joining the US in trade complaint against China to WTO

07 Feb 2007

China deplores US move to seek WTO consultation

By | 05 Feb 2007

US takes China to WTO over industrial subsidies

03 Feb 2007

India tells US, EU to converge on trade

25 Jan 2007

Argentina, Brazil join WTO complaint against US subsidies

23 Jan 2007

Update: WTO chief wants Indian concessions for success of Doha Round

19 Jan 2007

Pascal Lamy seeks support to revive WTO Doha talks

19 Jan 2007