World Trade Organisation

India warns against diluting farm protection at world trade talks

15 May 2008

Better chances now for a world trade deal, says EU's Mandelson

03 Apr 2008

US shrimp duties violated trade rules: WTO panel

01 Mar 2008

Kamal Nath welcomes revised draft modalities texts on agriculture and NAMA

12 Feb 2008

Doha deal gains would be modest for India: Carnegie Endowment study

05 Feb 2008

A study by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace says Indian GDP would grow by only half a percentage point through a deal under the Doha Round

Setback for India as WTO rules for US in "zeroing" dispute with Mexico

01 Jan 2008

The WTO ruling in favour of the US against Mexico on its "zeroing" method of calculating anti dumping duties threatens to spill over in to the Doha trade negotiations.

Antigua can ‘legally’ pirate American films and music, says WTO

By Ashwin Tombat | 24 Dec 2007

The novel verdict comes two years after the US refused to respect a WTO ruling that it had no right to block online gambling sites located in the tiny island nation. But will Antigua dare to take on the superpower? Ashwin Tombat reports

US, EU proposes agreement on environment-friendly goods at Doha

01 Dec 2007

Agriculture is key to world trade deal, say developing countries

17 Nov 2007

Brazil farm lobby wants government to make more concessions in the WTO

By | 17 Oct 2007

China ''regrets'' USA''s repeated intellectual property piracy complaints to the WTO

By | 29 Sep 2007

US government's aid to Boeing hurting Airbus, European Union complains to WTO

By Our Corporate Bureau | 27 Sep 2007

US, India to discuss WTO, bilateral trade

By | 22 Sep 2007

US, EU want India to make concessions on manufacturing tariffs

By | 22 Sep 2007

US moves WTO Panel in China''s intellectual property rights laws

14 Aug 2007

UNCTAD urges India to initiate stronger trade between developing nations

By | 10 Aug 2007

US voices misgivings on WTO''s new draft on global

27 Jul 2007

WTO negotiators hope to break "deadlock" over farm talks

25 Jul 2007

New WTO proposals not pragmatic, says EU''s

21 Jul 2007

Kamal Nath supports new WTO compromise proposals

20 Jul 2007

Brazil signals tough talks to save WTO deal

19 Jul 2007

WTO revises drafts on subsidies and tariffs to push trade talks

18 Jul 2007

Kamal Nath hopes India-US trade doubles by 2009

29 Jun 2007

US seeks India`s constructive engagement on WTO

28 Jun 2007

G-4 has no further role to play in WTO negotiations: Kamal Nath

23 Jun 2007