World Trade Organisation

US, EU in war of words as WTO ruling on Airbus subsidies remains unclear

07 Sep 2009

WTO ruling on Airbus-Boeing dispute delivered in confidential format

05 Sep 2009

The World Trade Organization has delivered a long-awaited initial ruling in a dispute between the United States and the European Union over government financing for airplane manufacturers in a confidential format, leaving all concerned temporarily in the dark.

Delhi trade talks fail to show the way forward

04 Sep 2009

Important WTO ruling looms on Boeing, Airbus spat

04 Sep 2009

Aviation industry giants, Boeing and Airbus, now await a World Trade Organization ruling over a Boeing complaint related to over $15 billion in European government subsidies to Airbus SAS.

Sharma calls for greater engagement to re-energise world trade talks

03 Sep 2009

Hard decisions unlikely at Delhi WTO mini-meet

02 Sep 2009

Key officials from key member countries of the WTO are meeting in New Delhi today to set the tone for the larger mini-WTO meeting that is to take place over Thursday and Friday

WTO allows $295 million Brazilian sanctions against US cotton subsidies

01 Sep 2009

India not to concede ground on agriculture at WTO meet

31 Aug 2009

India will not agree to any change in the approach to the ‘Doha Round’ of trade negotiations, as it prepares to host a ‘mini-summit’ in advance of the next round of international trade talks. Jagdeep Worah reports

China could lower tariffs for agriculture imports: study

29 Jul 2009

All roads lead to Geneva: WTO chief

25 Jul 2009

Lamy sees an Asia-led recovery as world trade expected to contract 10 per cent

22 Jul 2009

WTO-UNEP report calls for eco-friendly trade regime

29 Jun 2009

US to file case against EU in WTO as Airbus subsidy row deepens

26 Jun 2009

The US is prepared to take its case over alleged unfair subsidies for aircraft under development by the European aerospace giant Airbus to the World Trade Organisation next week

Doha Round prospects brighten as US-India call for resumption of talks

10 Jun 2009

India, US trying to bridge WTO divide: Anand Sharma

08 Jun 2009

India and the United States today held positive talks on the Doha process in Bali, Indonesia

Anti-dumping investigations: India launches the most; China investigated the most, says WTO

08 May 2009

Pascal Lamy reappointed WTO director-general

30 Apr 2009

The World Trade Organisation has re-appointment Pascal Lamy as its director-general.

Closed markets won't solve economic crisis: Lamy

25 Apr 2009

Open economies will be better placed to stage a faster and stronger recovery once the global crisis comes to an end, said Pascal Lamy, director-general of the WTO.

Global trade deal the next step to fight economic crisis: WTO chief

03 Apr 2009

Protectionism will ‘strangle’ recovery, warns WTO

27 Mar 2009

World trade to contract by 9 per cent this year: WTO

24 Mar 2009

Global trade volume will contract by about 9 per cent in 2009, the biggest since World War II, as the economic downturn pulls down global demand, the World Trade Organisation said in a forecast.

India, China in talks to avert toy trade war

19 Mar 2009

India and China today held consultations on resolving the dispute on toy import restrictions by New Delhi, a day after China raised the issue at the WTO.

China may go to WTO on toy import ban by India

04 Feb 2009

Trade officials at Davos urge G20 to speed Doha talks to combat crisis

02 Feb 2009

Finalising the Doha Round of multilateral trade talks cna evert a protectionist backlash during the current economic say global leaders assembled at Davos

China almost wriggles out of WTO piracy ruling

27 Jan 2009