World Trade Organisation

EU goes to WTO against Russia over car import levy

10 Jul 2013

Russia plans trade sanctions against Ukraine's car tax

10 Jul 2013

China initiates anti-dumping proceedings against European chemical manufacturers

27 May 2013

Brazil’s Azevedo to be next WTO director-general

08 May 2013

Azevedo, 55, becomes the first person from South America and the first representative of a BRICS nation to head the Geneva-based trade body since its inception in 1995

US opposes India’s WTO proposal on unlimited farm subsidies

26 Apr 2013

Contenders for top WTO post seek India's support at Davos

24 Jan 2013

EU asks $12 bn in sanctions against US on Boeing subsidy case

28 Sep 2012

The EU request is the largest penalty ever called for in WTO's history and has been triggered by the US government’s failure to adhere to the WTO’s March verdict to halt all illegal subsidies to Boeing

Australia may be hit with the third WTO suit over tobacco packaging

15 Jun 2012

The Australian government says the action is designed to try to intimidate it to relent in its efforts to protect public health

India to move WTO against `discriminatory’ US visa fee hike

21 May 2012

India tells WTO it will further open market for LDCs

23 Apr 2012

India moves WTO against US steel duties

12 Apr 2012

India moves WTO against US visa curbs on Indian IT firms

10 Apr 2012

US to turn heat on China over rare earths exports

13 Mar 2012

Plurilateral trade deals undermine Doha Round prospects: IBSA

28 Jan 2012

Russia gains WTO membership

17 Dec 2011

Russia is the last major world economy to join the WTO and its membership would see over 97 per cent of all world trade take place among member countries

Finally, Russia gets green light to join WTO

11 Nov 2011

After 18 years of negotiations, the World Trade Organisation has cleared the way for Russia to join the global trade body.

WTO rules against China in US tyre imports case

06 Sep 2011

India won’t give in to Western pressure at WTO: Sharma

25 May 2011

Trade must deliver more to LDCs: Lamy

09 May 2011

The least developed countries account for a fifth of the members of the World Trade Organisation, but they still account for just 1 per cent of world trade.

Trade ministers to informally review stalled Doha round at OECD meeting

27 Apr 2011

EU files tactical appeal in subsidies case against Boeing

02 Apr 2011

In a tactical move the European Union has filed an appeal against a ruling by the WTO in an aircraft subsidies case involving global aerospace giants Boeing and European firm Airbus.

Doha failure means disaster for emerging nations, says top WTO economist

31 Mar 2011

India, Brazil, South Africa and China seek improvements to WTO negotiating package

29 Jan 2011

The ministers said there was a need to improve the July 2008 negotiating package by incorporating the development dimension of world trade

WTO upholds US tariffs on Chinese tyre imports

14 Dec 2010

Failure at Doha would derail WTO: Lamy

20 Nov 2010