World Trade Organisation

India not to reopen agreed issues with Doha talks revival: Sharma

21 Oct 2010

WTO sees global trade expanding 13.5 per cent in 2010

21 Sep 2010

Following faster than expected recovery in trade flows so far this year, WTO has revised upwards its March projection of a 10 per cent growth in 2010 world trade to 13.5 per cent now.

EU to appeal WTO ruling on subsidies to Airbus

21 Jul 2010

Victory for Boeing as WTO rules Airbus subsidies unfair

01 Jul 2010

The United States won an “important victory” in a World Trade Organisation ruling that Airbus, the European plane maker, had benefited from four decades of improper subsidies.

Airbus seeks to settle Airbus-Boeing dispute outside WTO

29 Jun 2010

WTO rules against US ban on Chinese poultry products

17 Jun 2010

India for early conclusion of world trade talks: Anand Sharma

28 May 2010

The United States, meanwhile called upon India, Brazil and China to play a more "responsible" role at the Doha Round of talks

India, Brazil launch plaint against EU over drug seizures

13 May 2010

WTO council considering Syria's membership request

05 May 2010

Protectionism to linger for two more years: WTO chief

16 Apr 2010

China displaces Germany as the world's biggest exporter: WTO

27 Mar 2010

The World Trade Organization confirmed China's top position in the global markets this Friday, saying it had now overtaken Germany as the world's top exporter.

WTO ruling favours Boeing over Airbus in subsidy dispute

24 Mar 2010

A World Trade Organization panel has submitted its final ruling on a claim made by the United States and aerospace giant Boeing against European Union governments accusing them of illegally subsidising Airbus and has upheld their main charge.

WTO ruling on Boeing, Airbus dispute next week

18 Mar 2010

A final decision on a dispute involving Boeing Co and Airbus is expected to be delivered by the WTO next week, and is likely to hold EU governments guilty of unfairly subsidising Airbus.

Countries trying to impose restrictions to trade through backdoor: Trade secretary

19 Feb 2010

EU trade commissioner designate not certain about Doha round conclusion

12 Jan 2010

US wins WTO case against China's import curbs on movies, music and books

22 Dec 2009

India holding on to its WTO stance on agriculture, market access: Sharma

03 Dec 2009

Globalisation should work for all countries: Sharma

01 Dec 2009

India, China sit on same side of WTO table

23 Nov 2009

Mexico joins other nations in WTO complaint on Chinese steel

11 Nov 2009

Second-best Doha deal is better than nothing, says India

31 Oct 2009

India today warned world trade negotiators against wasting time looking for the "best" Doha and instead asked tem to opt for the "possible."

WTO bats for employment-friendly trade reforms

12 Oct 2009

US workers urge measures against Chinese coated paper imports

24 Sep 2009

US offers `constructive support' to Russia's WTO entry

22 Sep 2009

Developing countries pushing WTO agenda: Pascal Lamy

18 Sep 2009