World Trade Organisation

India moves WTO appellate body against panel ruling on steel

12 Aug 2014

Not end of the road for WTO, says India

02 Aug 2014

India opposes the current WTO rules that cap food subsidies at 10 per cent of the total production value at 1986-88 prices

Kerry hopes to push India on WTO trade deal as deadline looms

31 Jul 2014

India has refused to ratify the WTO trade-facilitation deal unless it eases restrictions on farm subsidies and food subsidies to the poor

WTO trade talks to dominate Kerry’s Indian agenda

30 Jul 2014

Just ahead of his visit to India, US Secretary of State John Kerry said he would press New Delhi to drop its opposition to global trade reforms

India not to back WTO’s trade protocol sans food security

24 Jul 2014

WTO's trade facilitation agreement opposes public holding of food stock and its subsidised distribution to the poor

World Bank offers $18 bn loan to India; seeks compromise on WTO trade deal

24 Jul 2014

India not sacrificing food security to facilitate trade pact

19 Jul 2014

India, China, Cuba want WTO agreements to ensure food security

17 Jul 2014

India, China and Cuba have joined hands at the World Trade Organization (WTO) to demand inclusion of subsidies for food procurement and food-aid programmes in the list of permissible incentive

WTO rules against US countervailing duties on Chinese products

15 Jul 2014

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has ruled against the United States' trade measures against import of steel products, solar panels and a range of other goods from India and China

WTO talks: India links trade facilitation to resolution of food security

04 Jul 2014

The government says its stance at the ongoing talks at the World Trade Organisation will be guided by national interests

US, EU ask India to detail its food subsidy programme at WTO

16 Jun 2014

US wins car export spat with China in WTO ruling

24 May 2014

China, which only joined the WTO in 2001, is the second-most common target of US disputes at the trade body after the European Union

India ready to defend its IPR norms at WTO: Sharma

24 Mar 2014

Commerce and industry minister Anand Sharma said if the US wanted to raise India's IPR policy at the WTO, India was ready for it

EU wants to ban European names for American cheese

12 Mar 2014

US launches anti-dumping probe on Chinese steel wire rod on ArcelorMittal’s complaint

24 Feb 2014

US trade panel launches probe against India

13 Feb 2014

Although India is a major trade partner of the US, business groups and lawmakers in Washington are upset that India's policies fail to cater to the interests of US companies

India fighting US, Canadian allegations of subsidised wheat exports

11 Feb 2014

Anand Sharma discusses post-Bali progress with WTO chief Roberto Azevedo

24 Jan 2014

Commerce minister Anand Sharma to meet WTO chief in Davos

22 Jan 2014

EU moves WTO against India’s curbs on marble imports

24 Dec 2013

India elated as WTO ministerial conference adopts Bali Package

07 Dec 2013

The trade facilitation part of the Bali Package, the most significant part of the deal, is expected to benefit the world economy between $400 billion and $1 trillion by cutting costs by 10-15 per cent and increasing trade flows

WTO looks set for historic trade pact

06 Dec 2013

WTO director-general Roberto Azevedo said he has drafted a text incorporating terms that are acceptable to all members, including India, which had raised vocal objections over agriculture

WTO’s trade facilitation agenda hits food security hurdle

04 Dec 2013

The ninth ministerial meeting of the WTO at Bali looked destined to fail as India and other developing countries stuck to their stand on agriculture

India may seek four-year waiver to save its food security scheme at WTO

29 Nov 2013

Sharma meets WTO chief, defends India’s food security programme

07 Oct 2013