International Monetary Fund

IMF advises caution as Japan, Brazil cap currency values

06 Oct 2010

IMF sees Indian economy growing at 9.7 per cent in 2010

06 Oct 2010

China is expected to grow at an even faster rate of 10.5 per cent in 2010, the IMF said in its latest `World Economic Outlook' report.

IMF to ‘test’ India, others for financial stability

28 Sep 2010

India is among the 25 countries that include 15 of the G20 nations that will have to undergo mandatory in-depth reviews every five years in a bid to avert global financial crises

IMF to hike quota for China; raise $8 billion for lending to poor countries

18 Sep 2010

The IMF is also likely to increase the quota for other emerging nations such as India, South Korea, Indonesia and Brazil.

EU nations to decide on IMF board presence

06 Sep 2010

European nations are scrambling to protect their seats on the board of the IMF after facing a fait accompli served by the USA which has refused to extend the tenure of an expanded board.

IMF, World Bank step up aid for flood-hit Pak

03 Sep 2010

US veto provides fillip to IMF reform

20 Aug 2010

The United States has blocked a proposal to maintain status quo at the IMF’s executive board, a move that will now allow emerging economies to have a greater say at the institution.

IMF calls for hike in tax to trim Japan debt

15 Jul 2010

The International Monetary Fund has asked Japan to rein in its huge public debt through gradual increase in consumption tax

Asian economies face risks of sharp rise in capital flows: IMF chief

12 Jul 2010

Global economy to expand faster than expected; risks overshadow recovery: IMF

08 Jul 2010

 In the backdrop of the stronger than expected growth especially in Asian and other emerging markets, the IMF raised its global growth forecast to 4.6 per cent, up from its 4.2 per cent April projection

IMF agrees to $14.9-bn stand-by arrangement for Ukraine

06 Jul 2010

Ukraine must make fiscal adjustment to contain the 2010 consolidated general government deficit to 5½ per cent of GDP in 2010 and 3½ per cent in

India's growth rate to soon reach China's level: IMF

29 Jun 2010

Global economy likely to grow at 4.25 per cent in 2010 and 2011: IMF chief

29 May 2010

IMF warns developed countries on rising debt

15 May 2010

IMF should improve financial oversight: D Subbarao

26 Apr 2010

The International Monetary Fund should strengthen its oversight of the global financial system, notably in reversing the ill effects of surges in capital flows to developing countries,  RBI governor D Subbarao said at the IMF-World Bank meeting.

IMF, World Bank need to change with the times: Robert Zoellick

24 Apr 2010

Developing countries are key sources of demand for the quick recovery from the global economic crisis and the world must recognise the new realities and act on them, World Bank president Robert Zoellick said.

IMF moots ‘fat cat tax’ to fund future government bailouts

21 Apr 2010

Banks around the world could face two new taxes to cover the cost of any future bailouts under proposals by the International Monetary Fund circulated to the Group of 20 countries

IMF trims estimated cost of financial crisis to $2.3 trillion

21 Apr 2010

IMF ups 2010 world economic growth forecast to 4.1 per cent

05 Apr 2010

The International Monetary Fund  has revised its estimates of world economic growth further to 4.1 per cent, from the 3.9 per cent projected in January.

RBI to buy $10 billion in notes to boost IMF finances

12 Mar 2010

IMF puts China’s currency issue on centre stage

02 Mar 2010

The IMF has brought the matter of the revaluation of the Chinese currency centre stage by saying it was "substantially undervalued" and hampered recovery in the global economy.

IMF to sell another 191.3 tonnes of gold in open market

18 Feb 2010

India should begin fiscal consolidation with next budget: IMF

05 Feb 2010

IMF revises 2010 global forecast to 3.9 per cent

27 Jan 2010

Excessive FDI inflow into Asia may spell trouble: IMF head

21 Jan 2010