International Monetary Fund

IMF raises growth projections for Asian economies

09 Jul 2009

India to register 6.5 per cent growth in 2010: IMF

09 Jul 2009

IMF  has raised its forecast for India's GDP growth in 2009-10 by 0.9 per cent to 6.5 per cent

IMF more optimistic about global economy recovering

20 Jun 2009

Expand SDR basket to include yuan, gold: Russia

16 Jun 2009

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has called for expanding the currency basket of IMF's Special Drawing Rights to include the Chinese yuan, commodity currencies and gold.

G8 wants to get out of the stimulus pit, looks at IMF

13 Jun 2009

G8 moots exiting the stimulus mode and vacating space for the private sector in order tht economies return to self-sustaining growth

IMF projections point to worsening Euro economies till mid 2010

13 May 2009

IMF predicts 2.6 per cent GDP growth for Middle East, North Africa

11 May 2009

IMF doubles borrowing limit for low-income countries

24 Apr 2009

Japan’s deficit at precarious level: IMF

23 Apr 2009

IMF again slashes global growth forecasts

23 Apr 2009

The IMF has slashed growth forecasts for every major country and urged governments to take forceful action to ensure economic recovery

IMF sanctions $47 billion loan to Mexico

20 Apr 2009

India willing to increase contribution to IMF: Manmohan

03 Apr 2009

India does not intend to borrow any money from the multilateral lending agency, prime minister Manmohan Singh said at the G20 summit in London

Mexico seeks $47 billion credit line from the IMF

02 Apr 2009

IMF eases lending rules, creates new line of credit

25 Mar 2009

The International Monetary Fund today overhauled its lending framework by easing credit conditionalities and also announced the creation of a new flexible line of credit.

EU agrees to boost IMF funding

21 Mar 2009

IMF portrays gloomy global scenario

19 Mar 2009

Every region except Asia is expected to show negative growth in 2009 as the global economy shrinks further, IMF says in an update due in April

G-20 for tripling IMF kitty, greater say for emerging economies

16 Mar 2009

The G-20 meeting has agreed to boosting of resources of the International Monetary Fund and a devolution of powers at the IMF and the World Bank

Global economy shrinking with below zero growth: IMF

10 Mar 2009

The world is facing a `Great Recession' of below-zero growth, according to IMF managing director Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Poor countries need $25 billion emergency aid to fight crisis: IMF

04 Mar 2009

The global financial crisis has shifted to the world's poorest nations, says  Dominique Strauss-Kahn, MD, IMF

Restructure IMF: India

31 Jan 2009

India today made a strong pitch for restructuring the International Monetary Fund, saying its is incapable of dealing with the global financial meltdown in its present form.

IMF paints gloomy picture for UK economy

29 Jan 2009

The IMF says the British economy will perform the worst among all developed countries

Pakistan secures $7.6 billion lifeline from IMF

25 Nov 2008

Pakistan has obtained a $7.6 billion lifeline from the International Monetary Fund, which will prevent the country from defaulting on debt. Pakistan's foreign-exchange reserves have shrunk 75 per cent in 12 months, to $3.45 billion.

IMF bails out Pakistan with $7.6 billion loan

17 Nov 2008

China offers $500 million to Pakistan

14 Nov 2008

Japan offers $100 billion for IMF bailout fund

14 Nov 2008

Japan has offered to lend up to $100 billion to an International Monetary Fund bailout fund ahead of a G-20 meeting in Washington.