International Monetary Fund

IMF board defers decision on emerging countries' voting rights

13 Jun 2015

India ‘deeply disappointed’ by lack of IMF reforms

20 Apr 2015

India has expressed deep disappointment that the International Monetary Fund has failed to implement quota and governance reforms that would give India a greater say in the global lender to reflect the country's growing economic might

IMF did little to end currency volatility, says Jaitley

20 Apr 2015

China registers 6-year low in GDP growth

15 Apr 2015

India could outpace China in growth this year itself

15 Apr 2015

IMF raises India’s growth forecast to 7.5%; to be the fastest among major nations

15 Apr 2015

India's growth projections in IMF's April economic outlook is significantly higher from its January outlook of 6.3 per cent and 6.5 per cent for 2015 and 2016 respectively

World Bank, IMF welcome China’s AIIB plan

23 Mar 2015

Allaying fears that the new bank will be a competitor to the World Bank, the IMF or existing regional development banks, World Bank managing director Mulyani Indrawati says that the global need of infrastructure is huge and the market is large enough

IMF sees 7.5% growth for India; stresses structural reforms

12 Mar 2015

Troubled IMF ex-chief Strauss-Khan now faces pimping charge

10 Feb 2015

If he is found guilty, Former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn could face up to 10 years in jail and a €1.5-million fine

IMF backs World Bank: India to outstrip China’s growth by 2016

20 Jan 2015

IMF revises global growth downward to 3.5% in 2015, despite cheaper oil

20 Jan 2015

IMF sees sharp divergence between the United States, on the one hand, and the euro area and Japan, on the other

Lagarde backs G20 call for faster reforms at IMF

17 Nov 2014

IMF cuts global growth forecasts for 2014 and 2015

09 Oct 2014

IMF approves release of around $1.4 bn to Ukraine

30 Aug 2014

IMF board to meet soon, hear MD Lagarde over French case

28 Aug 2014

IMF cuts global growth forecast to 3.4%; India’s growth unchanged at 5.4%

25 Jul 2014

The IMF is optimistic that global growth will rebound as the temporary constraints recede and recent global policy actions to support expansion gain

IMF releases $4.6 bn in bail-out funds for Greece

31 May 2014

IMF sees India growing at 5.4 per cent in FY’15

09 Apr 2014

The projection comes amidst signs of slightly stronger global growth, improving export competitiveness and implementation of recently approved investment projects

IMF to provide $14-$18 billion loan for Ukraine

27 Mar 2014

India’s Investment Slowdown: The High Cost of Economic Policy Uncertainty

26 Mar 2014

Indian slump due to poor infra, business investment: IMF

26 Mar 2014

A slump in infrastructure and corporate investment has been the single largest contributor to India's recent growth slowdown, a working paper released by the IMF says

IMF calls for efficient redistributive policies to bridge rising inequality

14 Mar 2014

Nations should design redistributive policies so as to bridge the growing chasm between rich and poor that is weighing on global growth and fuelling political instability, IMF said in its latest policy dialogue

IMF sees 5.4% growth for India in 2014-15; inflation a worry

21 Feb 2014

IMF chief Lagarde calls on governments to build a new multilateralism

04 Feb 2014

Income inequality rising in India, globally: IMF chief

04 Feb 2014

In India, the net worth of billionaires increased 12-fold in 15 years, enough to eliminate absolute poverty in the country twice over, IMF chief Christine Lagarde said in London