International Monetary Fund

Iceland to get $6 billion from IMF, Europe

10 Nov 2008

IMF predicts global recession

07 Nov 2008

IMF researchers yesterday predicted a contraction in the economies of developed countries, with emerging economies facing the risk of recession.

Brown mobilises Gulf funds for IMF bail-out plans

03 Nov 2008

IMF loosens loan strings, for now

30 Oct 2008

IMF's $100-billion facility to aid crisis-hit nations

30 Oct 2008

IMF will create a $100 billion short-term lending facility (SLF) for making available new cash for countries battered by the financial crisis.

IMF bails out Ukraine with a $16.5 billion loan

27 Oct 2008

Pakistan seeks IMF help

27 Oct 2008

Pakistan has approached the IMF for two-year stand by loan for an undisclosed sum to meet its balance of payments difficulties caused by result of high food and fuel prices and the global financial crisis.

IMF and the World Bank set to increase loans

27 Oct 2008

IMF approves $2-billion loan for Iceland

25 Oct 2008

Iceland becomes the second European nation after the UK in 1976, to receice a $2-billion loan from the IMF to save the country from bankruptcy

IMF creates $200-billion emergency fund to ease credit crunch

10 Oct 2008

India raps IMF for 'ignoring' global financial crisis

07 Oct 2008

Indian ambassador to the UN Nirpam Sen today attacked IMF and other UN bodies for ignoring the plight of the poor wrought by the global econiomic crisis

IMF sees world economic growth falling to 3.9 per cent in 2009

25 Aug 2008

IMF gives more voting rights to developing nations

30 Apr 2008

IMF warns of macroeconomic implications of the credit crisis (Video)

10 Apr 2008

Financial institutions need to raise capital or cut back assets to cope with continued strains, warns Jaime Caruana, counsellor and director, monetary and capital markets department, International Monetary Fund> Video

IMF predicts close to $1 trillion losses due to US sub-prime mortgage crisis

09 Apr 2008

The growing fallout from the US sub-prime mortgage crisis could have profound financial system and macroeconomic implications, according to the IMF's latest Global Financial Stability Report (GFSR) which disclosed possible accumulated losses nearing one trillion dollars.

IMF plans to sell gold holdings to raise $6 billion

08 Apr 2008

IMF board to consider voting reforms

28 Mar 2008

Debt protection costs up for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

22 Nov 2007

Government seeks US approval for SBI, BoB expansion

21 Nov 2007

Finance ministry may solve PSU banks' cash crunch problem

17 Nov 2007

Mutual fund assets reach all-time high in October: CRISIL

17 Nov 2007

Bank of America, Citigroup and J P Morgan reach agreement on $75-billion SIV backup fund

15 Nov 2007

Worsening credit crisis pressures threaten Barclays, HSBC

15 Nov 2007

Asian banks seek tools to fuel growth sans fraud as credit markets boom: The Asian Banker - Fair Isaac Corp survey

15 Nov 2007

Germany's WestLB bank is the latest subprime victim; to make a loss in 2007

15 Nov 2007