International Monetary Fund

IMF calls for structural reforms to boost productivity, long-term growth

18 Apr 2016

India backs fund pool to help smaller economies in distress

15 Apr 2016

Low-income economies told to diversify to sustain growth

15 Apr 2016

Resilient and inclusive growth remains key to development of low-income countries and for this it is necessary that infrastructure gaps are closed, while maintaining debt sustainability’

Fed turned more accommodative under Yellen, says Rajan

15 Apr 2016

The RBI governor said the current shift in the Fed policy allows the emerging markets more room to address issues like currency volatility and declining commodity prices

India remains a bright spot as global recovery slows: IMF

13 Apr 2016

IMF has suggested structural, fiscal, monetary measures to offset the effects of financial risks, geopolitical shocks and political discord to global recovery, even as it lowered global growth forecast to 3.2% in 2016

World Bank needs to change with global economy: Modi

12 Mar 2016

India does not follow  “beggar thy neighbour” macro-economic policies or try to gain in trade at the expense of its partners, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at a conference

IMF plans South Asia Regional Training and Technical Assistance centre in India

11 Mar 2016

IMF gives Lagarde a second term as managing director

11 Feb 2016

Lagarde, 60, is still facing legal troubles in France, in relation to a settlement the French government reached with businessman Bernard Tapie during her time as finance minister, which could still complicate her future as managing director

IMF to lend Pak $497 mn as part of bailout package

05 Feb 2016

IMF reforms boost voting rights of India, other emerging countries

28 Jan 2016

With the 2010 IMF quota and governance reforms coming into effect, India China, Brazil and Russia are now among the 10 largest members of the Fund, with greater say in governance

IMF head ordered to stand trial in €400m payment scandal

18 Dec 2015

Chinese yuan to join IMF reserve currency basket

01 Dec 2015

More than anything, the move by the International Monetary Fund is seen as symbolic of the new world economic order and China’s growing clout

India names Sudhir Gokarn for IMF post

13 Nov 2015

Rajam slams IMF for promoting easy money policies

19 Oct 2015

RBI's Rajan slams IMF for backing manipulative monetary policies

19 Oct 2015

Central banks have no mandate for formulating monetary policies for the world, but IMF does spillover studies that suggest which policies are good for a country and therefore good for the world, he said

Chinese slowdown will affect entire Asia-Pacific: IMF

10 Oct 2015

IMF urges India to launch next phase of reforms

10 Oct 2015

Paring its growth forecast for India from 7.5 per cent to 7.3 per cent, the IMF has said reforms need to be speedier in a range of sectors

G20 vows to shun currency wars as FM Jaitley calls for strong IMF safety net

07 Sep 2015

IMF looking at compromise deal to empower emerging markets: report

05 Sep 2015

China’s economy transitioning to a slower but steady growth path: IMF

17 Aug 2015

In its annual assessment of the Chinese economy, the IMF urges the government to push forward with structural reforms and accept lower growth in the short term to secure sustainable and stable growth in the long run

IMF backs Greek debt relief, but calls for greater vigil

17 Aug 2015

Obama adviser Maurice Obstfeld takes over as IMF’s new chief economist

21 Jul 2015

Maurice Obstfeld is known around the globe for his work on international economics and is considered one of the most influential macroeconomists

IMF slams eurozone bailout deal to Greece

15 Jul 2015

Greece defaults on IMF debt; set to reject EU bailout terms

30 Jun 2015

The Greek government on Tuesday held on to its anti-austerity platform even as European leaders pleaded with Greek voters to back the highly disputed bailout proposals in a crunch referendum or face leaving the euro

Banks in India fail to pass on RBI rate changes: IMF study

29 Jun 2015

Banks in India are faster in effecting a hike in lending rates, but a rise in their deposit rates is not so quick, emphasises  an IMF Working Paper