International Monetary Fund

No bailout talks on Spain: IMF

02 Jun 2012

The IMF yesterday denied recent media reports on talks  with Spain on contingency plans for the financial rescue of the troubled eurozone nation

IMF leans on regional centres for capacity building

05 May 2012

IMF forecasts stronger growth in Asian region

28 Apr 2012

IMF cuts India’s GDP growth to 6.9 per cent over governance issues

27 Apr 2012

Mukherjee confident of approval of key financial reforms in 2012

23 Apr 2012

IMF’s lending power doubles as pledges top $430 million

21 Apr 2012

IMF members, including the G-20 countries, on Friday  pledged fresh funding to the institution boosting its lending capacity by more than $430 billion

Emerging nations ready to bolster IMF war chest

20 Apr 2012

IMF raises $320 billion to deal with euro zone debt crisis

19 Apr 2012

IMF warns of $2.6 trillion contraction of European banks' balance sheets

19 Apr 2012

The IMF  pointed out in its Global Financial Stability Report, published yesterday, that balance sheets of European banks looked set to shrink by $2.6 trillion in the coming 18 months

IMF urges India to keep policy rates on hold

18 Apr 2012

Iran curbs could push crude prices by 30 per cent: IMF chief

21 Mar 2012

India, China, Japan and South Korea are heavily dependent on Iran for meeting their crude oil requirements and oil prices rising over $162/barrel would have implications for the global economy

IMF chief lauds China’s efforts to rebalance economy

19 Mar 2012

China has lowered its growth target of 7.5 per cent this year against 8 per cent in past years, partly reflecting the problems in major export markets such as the EU and the US

ECB chief economist Stark warns against IMF funds for eurozone

23 Dec 2011

IMF chief warns of crisis escalating globally

16 Dec 2011

Sounding a grim warning, Christine Lagarde, managing director of the IMF said that the global economy faced the prospect of "what happened in the 30s"

IMF to disburse €2.2 billion in stand-by credit to Greece

06 Dec 2011

India calls for ‘fair representation’ in IMF, World Bank

14 Nov 2011

Brazil, Russia, India and China  were anchoring the global economy when the developed world was faltering, cpmmerce minister Anad Sharma said at the India Economic Summit

Cabinet approves increase in India's quota in IMF

25 Oct 2011

India not keen on IMF intervention in Euro zone crisis

15 Oct 2011

Greece adds new austerity measures to secure €8-bn IMF installment

22 Sep 2011

IMF cuts global economic growth forecast to 4 per cent

21 Sep 2011

The IMF report pegs India's economic growth at 7.8 per cent in 2011 and 7.5 per cent in 2012, against 8.2 per cent and 7.8 per cent, respectively, forecast earlier.

Financial reforms critical to transforming Chinese economy: IMF

21 Jul 2011

IMF approves €3.2-bn loan to Greece

09 Jul 2011

The joint loan with the EU gives policy makers time come out with a second rescue package and avert the first sovereign default in the euro region

US debt burden on "unsustainable trajectory": IMF

30 Jun 2011

The IMF has warned that the US debt burden is on an "unsustainable trajectory" and cautioned against sharp fiscal corrections in order to protect its fragile economy recovery

Christine Lagarde poised to become next IMF chief

28 Jun 2011

French finance minister, Christine Lagarde, has emerged as the most likely candidate to head the International Monetary Fund with China indicating its support for her candidacy.

IMF cyber attack raises major concerns

13 Jun 2011

After the recent instances of cyber attacks on governments and companies, it has now come to light that hackers broke into computers at the International Monetary Fund causing loss of a large quantity of data