Sun Microsystems, Emerson join hands to launch new datacenter solution

Sun Microsystems and Emerson today announced the India launch of the new Sun Modular Datacenter (Sun MD) D20 coupled with Emerson's power and cooling base for a complete modular datacenter designed to meet India's rising IT requirements.

The new Sun Modular Datacenter allows quick set up - it takes as little as 1/10th the time taken to set up a traditional datacenter.

Customers can also preserve capital by buying datacenter capacity in smaller increments in the amount, time and place they need.

They will also have the freedom to deploy the datacenter anywhere  they  want, and the flexibility to relocate it as required by them.

With a capacity for 1120 CPUs, it offers over 450 million web operations per second for Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse applications, it said.

The Sun MD's highly efficient cooling system, which uses the concept of EnergyLogic pioneered by Emerson, cuts down cooling costs by over 40 per cent, compared with a traditional datacenter, and emits much less CO2 at the same time, the company said in a release.

The Sun MD claims to be eight times smaller than a traditional datacenter handling the same load at less maintenance and operational cost. It is also simple to use, yet revolutionary, and an ideal vehicle for scaling up existing datacenters, for datacenter integration and migration, for remote positioning, and for business critical continuity solutions, the company said.