Tesla Motors

Tesla selects Nevada for battery plant

04 Sep 2014

Five US states queue up to bag Tesla's “gigafactory”

03 Sep 2014

Tesla Motors hikes warranty on Model S to eight years, infinity miles

16 Aug 2014

Tesla opens supercharger locations in London and Birmingham

14 Aug 2014

Panasonic Corp to invest in Tesla's Gigafactory

31 Jul 2014

UK government looking to Tesla Model S for green cars

21 Jul 2014

Elon Musk’s SolarCity to acquire panel maker Silevo

18 Jun 2014

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk's SolarCity is acquiring solar panel maker Silevo in a bid to out-compete fossil-fuel grid power

Tesla Motors to give away its patents

16 Jun 2014

Tesla Motors has decided to give its patents away to allow other companies to use its inventions to enable the automotive industry to speed up new EV technologies

Tesla may resume New Jersey sales after ban on direct marketing goes

07 Jun 2014

Virgin Galactic signs agreement with FAA for suborbital flights

31 May 2014

Virgin Galactic hopes to start commercial flights aboard SpaceShipTwo from New Mexico's Spaceport America by 2014 end

Panasonic lone partner in Tesla’s battery facility, so far

26 May 2014

Tesla stock down 7 per cent after dismal second quarter outlook

08 May 2014

Tesla New York stores to remain open after deal brokered by governor Andrew Cuomo

29 Mar 2014

Electric car maker Tesla to raise $1.6 bn to fund battery plant

By By Ravi Kunder | 27 Feb 2014

US electric car maker Tesla Motors Inc yesterday said that its lithium-ion battery plant will be built on at least 1,000 acres and would be powered largely by wind and solar energy.

Panasonic plans to invest in Tesla Motors' new battery plant

26 Feb 2014

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk plans to build a factory capable of producing the world’s entire current production of lithium ion batteries to build power packs to drive Tesla's future mass-market electric cars

Reports of Apple - Tesla meet last year, sets off speculation

18 Feb 2014

AT&T to provide web connectivity to Tesla vehicles

19 Oct 2013

Tesla Motors tops in sales of zero-emission credits

19 Oct 2013

Tesla Motors headed for Nasdaq 100

10 Jul 2013

Tesla ready to offer 90-second recharge with battery swap

21 Jun 2013

Tesla posts first profit; stock surges 24 per cent

11 May 2013

Electric car maker Tesla to push direct sales at malls

22 Apr 2013